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  • Date:  April 28, 2021
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Today I Made An Elderly Customer Cry

Today I Made An Elderly Customer Cry

This afternoon I delivered food to a friendly old couple in a local village close to home. They are always chatty and concerned about holding me up for too long. Today they return some fresh bread, I ask why? The response, we asked for it to be sliced and we’re of an age where are hands don’t grip too well so can’t slice it ourselves.

I said OK no problem, I’ll return it to the store and take it off your bill. Driving around the rest of my shift I thought we can do more for that couple.

When I arrived back in Oswestry I asked my shift manager if we could get it sliced and I’d return it to them as a gift from the store on my journey home? She said what a lovely idea.

15 minutes on I was outside the couples house giving the lady two loaves of bread. Her reaction was a face full of tears, lots of thanks and she said ‘that’s service with a big star’.

In my professional career I’ve had people cry before winning cars, loads of cash, holidays etc, but to gift someone £2 worth of bread is way more satisfying than all of that. Customer service is the key to retaining customers and growing your business.

Today it’s been lovely to see that happen in such a simple, uncomplicated way #customerservice #deliverydriver #helpingpeople

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