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  • Date:  July 4, 2022
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Exciting News to start July

Exciting News to start July

Delighted to share that today I have returned full time to the radio industry as a Senior Presenter at Channel 103 based in Jersey.

Over the past 2 and a bit years I’ve done what I needed to do to survive financially and mentally. Firstly, being a home delivery driver for Morrisons during the pandemic and more recently working for City Electrical Factors (CEF). 

At CEF I was working towards an account managers role and had the full support of the Oswestry team, alongside the regional manager – Thank you Tony, Eddy, Josh, Steve and Paul for your help, advice, support and the trust you placed in me.

Both roles taught me a huge amount about human nature, customer service, problem solving and just what’s possible using the skill set I already had in a different environment.

Working outside of the media world is proper graft, being paid to do what you love every day is easy in comparison. I will continue to present my weekday afternoon show for Force Radio using a little ‘radio magic’ when things overlap.

It feels great to be heading back into an industry I love, alongside living in an amazing place. Plus, the chance to work with the UK’s most successful radio station in terms of audience. With a 61% weekly reach and 33.4% market share, no UK radio station – BBC or commercial – reaches more listeners in its area than Channel 103.


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