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  • Date:  July 2, 2023
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The Jersey Move One Year Ago – July 2nd 2022

The Jersey Move One Year Ago – July 2nd 2022

1 year ago today I arrived in Jersey to join Channel 103, two days later on July 4th – I’m sure something else happened on that date? 

James the MD met me at the airport and dropped me and my luggage (two big bags and a bike in a bag) to the place I’d rented that I hadn’t seen properly at that point, only talked about on facebook. 

After arriving a quick decision was made to decorate and update the room with the owner’s permission – Zesty Yellow had to go! Magnolia was big no, no as it reminded Maggie of hospital digs.

Think my choice of colour was pretty good? 

On the Sunday after arriving I rode around the island to discover more about my new home, a rather impressive place to live.

Day one at Channel 103 confirmed I’d made the right decision to return to radio.

We’re a small team, working hard and growing everyday. Having the opportunity to use the skills I’ve developed over 30+ years in radio and 2 years out of it is brilliant.

After two weeks on the Island I flew back to the mainland to collect the car and the dog. Harri had his first trip on a boat on one of the hottest days of the year. Jersey is an incredible place to have a dog, it can be a struggle to find dog friendly lets alongside the other property rules but it’s very possible with work and effort.

In 12 short months in the business, the mind set of what’s achievable has developed massively. Plenty more challenges to come and one rather exciting project underway – Definitely an example of teamwork, something that probably won’t happen again. Will share more when I can.

Outside of work I’m enjoying leaning more about Jersey, having fun with Harri the Lab and discovering lots of amazing stuff around our new countryside home. 

We moved after 10 months to a lovely stone cottage near St Martin. Extremely lucky to call a place like this home. No doubt friends question if I’ll ever settle anywhere? If it’s in Jersey then all the moves will have been worth it. 

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