The Jersey Move One Year Ago – July 2nd 2022

1 year ago today I arrived in Jersey to join Channel 103, two days later on July 4th – I’m sure something else happened on that date?  James the MD met me at the airport and dropped me and my luggage (two big bags and a bike in a bag) to the place I’d rented that I hadn’t seen properly.. Read more

Exciting News to start July

Delighted to share that today I have returned full time to the radio industry as a Senior Presenter at Channel 103 based in Jersey. Over the past 2 and a bit years I’ve done what I needed to do to survive financially and mentally. Firstly, being a home delivery driver for Morrisons during the pandemic and more recently working for.. Read more

Today I Made An Elderly Customer Cry

This afternoon I delivered food to a friendly old couple in a local village close to home. They are always chatty and concerned about holding me up for too long. Today they return some fresh bread, I ask why? The response, we asked for it to be sliced and we’re of an age where are hands don’t grip too well.. Read more

You Must Stay at Home – Lockdown Life One Year On

Fair to say March 23rd 2020 was a life changing day for everyone in the UK with a full national lockdown imposed, something we are still dealing with and will be for at least another 12/18 months whilst the world catches up with the vaccine programme. March 23rd 2020 was just 15 days after I returned full-time to the UK.. Read more

Lock Down Job

Not my traditional line of work delivering food for Morrison’s, yet hugely rewarding helping people during this unique period of time. I know radio opportunities will return but for now I’m doing my bit. Once again blown away by my lock down job. Delivering for the store community team, to people who are at home because of the situation we.. Read more

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