From old Soleil Radio to new Soleil Radio – Moving Forward

2 years ago Soleil Radio launched across the Channel Islands on DAB Radio and online. Created in house during lockdown playing relaxing music from the 60’s onwards. This week we have replaced the original format. Soleil now plays the islands greatest songs from the 70’s to the end of the 90’s. We’ve put the new station together from scratch with.. Read more

The Jersey Move One Year Ago – July 2nd 2022

1 year ago today I arrived in Jersey to join Channel 103, two days later on July 4th – I’m sure something else happened on that date?  James the MD met me at the airport and dropped me and my luggage (two big bags and a bike in a bag) to the place I’d rented that I hadn’t seen properly.. Read more

Exciting News to start July

Delighted to share that today I have returned full time to the radio industry as a Senior Presenter at Channel 103 based in Jersey. Over the past 2 and a bit years I’ve done what I needed to do to survive financially and mentally. Firstly, being a home delivery driver for Morrisons during the pandemic and more recently working for.. Read more

Radio, to quote Daniel Ricciardo – “I never left, just moved aside for a little while”

Great feeling heading back on air after an unplanned 18 month break. I always knew it would take some time to secure a gig after returning from the UAE, but nobody could have predicted COVID 19 and the impact it would have on the world, let alone the radio industry, an industry I love. Force Radio will be my on-air.. Read more

Getting Into Radio

This page originally appeared on my website probably 10 years ago and is still as valid today. Like most industries radio is a tough place at the moment, but the rewards are still good if you’re prepared to make some effort and the odd sacrifice. My top ten tips on how to get into radio: 10. Be Flexible: That initial.. Read more

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